Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Carving '09

Gunnar was the first to carve his pumpkin this year. Our pumpkins were so big we needed to do them in stages and Gunnar couldn't wait any longer. As I was out trying to find another pumpkin carving kit...John had him begin. I went to 4 different stores and couldn't find one. I guess that is what I get for waiting until October 30th. Oops!
Drawing the face...

The first cut...

Getting out the guts...
Perfect Gunnar. It is wonderful!

I was still searching the stores while John started his. Gunnar was the photographer.

His pumpkin was huge and soooo thick. It was very hard for him to cut it. The little knives wouldn't go all the way through.

I finally returned empty handed. We had a few knives left over from last year and one scraper so we were going to have to make due.

Jack came over and carved with us.

My pumpkin was very tall and slender. It was hard to scrape out all of the guts.
I cut the bottom off my pumpkin instead of the top (I saw it on Martha Stewart and it worked quite well).

Chance was not feeling 100%. In fact he had been out of school for the last three days. We were worried he might have the swine flu. He didn't...just an ear infection. Poor guy.
Making progress boys.

John broke 3 out of our 4 carving knives. Lovely! The funny thing is he kept telling everyone else to "be careful, you're bending the knives...don't break them."

In the process he cut his finger.
He did the exact same thing last year.

Chance was on his way to a party. He claimed he was feeling much better and he hadn't had a fever in almost 48 hours.
He didn't want to dress up in case nobody else was. I was not happy about it. It turned out to be a good thing though because he would have been the only one. Maybe I should listen to him more often. It was a Halloween party though...HELLO.

Coby also had a HUGE pumpkin. He carved as much as he could but then didn't have enough strength to do the mouth. So...

I finished it... then I finished Chance's pumpkin, then...

I finished mine. Did I mention I don't really even like carving pumpkins?

John and Coby were very proud of their creations. They were awesome!!

Our pumpkins... Gunnar

Chance and mine

John and Coby (his eye broke)

We had a great time carving this year.
However, John told me to NEVER let him get a gigantic pumpkin again.
I'm pretty sure Coby feels the same way.

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