Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Getting made up by daddy...

Coby was a "zombie sk8er boy".

John was a wonderful make-up artist and splashed him with blood. He mixed blood with water and sprayed it on his shirt with a straw. He was careful not to drink it.
Brilliant idea John.

Bloody mess!! Next up was Gunnar...

Our werewolf.

John glued hair all over his face and hands.

Gunnar looked amazing.AAAhhhhoooooo!!Scary Gunn!Poor Chance was sick in bed with an ear infection.I felt so sad for him. We got him set up in our bed with Kleenex, water, remote control, telephone, and lots of pillows and blankets.

Happy Halloween Chance!! Every year we drive to the Afework's house and start our Halloween night. This year CarrieLyn and Dustin came with us. Isaiah the Police Officer Chi as Michael Jackson
Beautiful Sophie as Cleopatra
All bundled up. The guys...E.J., Dan, John, and IanThe girls... Me, Romi, and Grandma

Look at the full moon...
At about 8:15, Isaiah, Gunnar, Lucas and Dustin headed home but the older kids...Sophie CarrieLyn, Coby and Malachi stayed out for a little bit longer. It was a strange night because more then half of the homes were dark with nobody home. About 1 out of every 7 houses (if that even) were lit with people handing out candy. It was kind of sad. I don't know if it was because it was a Saturday and everyone was at a party or if it was because people couldn't afford candy. There weren't a lot of trick-or treaters either. A lot of the people who were out were teenagers. We made up a few rules for those of you who aren't sure if you are too old for trick-or treating...

#1 If you are trick-or-treating while holding hands with your boyfriend/girlfriend...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#2 If you don't need your mom/dad to chaperon you while trick-or treating...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#3 If you can drive from neighborhood to neighborhood trick-or-treating...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#4 If you are taller than my husband...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#5 If you have to shave before heading out to trick-or-treat...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#6 If you are trick-or-treating while chatting on your iPhone...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#7 If you are dressed as a French Maid (which we saw last night)...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#8 If you voted in the last election, chances are...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#9 If you are older than Miley Cyrus...YOU ARE TOO OLD!!
#10 If you are not sure who Miley Cyrus is..YOU ARE BEYOND TOO OLD!!
It was a beautiful night. It was supposed to rain but we never even felt a drop...PERFECT.
One of the kids favorite parts of the night is to sort and trade their candy.
I think Gunnar was a little confused on what "trade" meant. Instead of trading he was just giving his candy to people. Oh well, less cavities.We all had a fantastic Halloween. We are so lucky to be able to spend it with family and friends.
We headed home and found Chance like this...
so sorry you were sick Chance. We missed you.



Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

loved the makeup artistry. i loved the sort and trade part as a kid. in fact i even dumped my kids out and sorted it just to dump it back in their bags 5 mins later! loved your too old part too!

Melissa said...

Love Gunnar's make up! It looked so good!!! My mom and dad had a ton of trick-or-treaters. They counted around 100 kids! We took Piper to the Supermall. She LOVED it. We'll have to join you guys next year.

Deon said...

Great photos looks like everyone had a blast well except for poor Chance he breaks my heart in his photos