Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy 11th Birthday Coby

Coby started his birthday morning with a present.
What could be better than that?
He chose an omelet for breakfast. Yummy!!
After I sent him off to school I headed to Krispy Creme to get his class a birthday surprise.

Coby was a little embarrassed that I filmed as we all sang Happy Birthday!! He was also a little embarrassed when I took pictures of him. Sorry Cobes! You should be used to this by now. He loved the doughnuts and so did his class. The kids were super excited to get doughnuts and thanked Coby for having a birthday.
Coby had early dismissal on Thursday (his actual birthday) and NO school on Friday so we decided to have a sleepover Thursday night. He invited 5 of his closest friends.
Elisha, Jack, Coby, Josh, and Mikey.
Hinkley had to come late because he had football practice.
The party was supposed to start at 5PM.
One child came home with Coby on the bus at 12:30. Two other children showed up shortly after that at 1:00. One boy came at 5:00 (the appointed time). And Hinkley came at about 9PM.
It was crazy.
We made pizza for dinner.
Stirring the dough...
Kneading the dough...
forming the dough,
spreading the sauce...
and last but not least, putting on the toppings.
Coby was putting the pizza in the oven while, apparently, Josh was pushing him in.
The pizza was delicious!!
Chance was at guitar lessons but he showed up later for pizza time.

Coby and Hinkley

Cake Time!!
Coby chose brownies for his cake this year. I was more then happy to make them.

Make a wish...

Coby needed new wheels, trucks, and bearings for his skateboard but when we went to the store to buy them it was only going to cost a few extra dollars to get the entire board so we got him a whole new skateboard. Lucky boy. He was so HAPPY!!
Element is his favorite skate brand right now. He already had the back back and now he has a board to match. Life is good!You're the BEST dad... THANK YOU!!
After presents the boys played outside. They played football, baseball, and hide-and-go-seek.
They finally went to bed around 1AM.
The party was supposed to be over at 10AM.
One boy got picked up at 10. One asked to stay until 5:30 because his dad was at work and one asked to stay "all day" because his dad was sick. One child was picked up around 12:30 but he sent his parents back home telling them the "party wasn't over". While one child's parents kept calling to pick him up but he kept telling them "he wasn't ready".
Needless to say, it turned into an extremely LONG party. I am so happy this is only once a year.
Coby had a great party and he has wonderful friends.

I can't believe you are 11 Coby.
(2 days old)You are such an amazing son. You are smart, handsome, hilarious, charming, athletic, and kind.
(10 months old) You make every one around you happy with your funny jokes and great personality.
(2 years old) You have such an amazing heart and I am so proud to be your mom. You melt my heart.
I love you Coby John!!


scott and ashley said...

I LOVE his baby picture- look at that hair- precious! You are such an amazing Mom- I love the pizza making- we love doing that too! That is hilarious about the extremely LONG party.... too funny.

Deon said...

Happy (late) birthday Coby looks like they had a great sleep over!!!