Friday, October 2, 2009

My Bad!

This was a conversation I had with Gunnar, yesterday. We were in a hurry of we always are.

Me: "Gunnar, hurry up, we are going to be late." (he was supposed to be getting dressed, but he was taking FOREVER)

Gunnar: (in a very mad voice) "I am hurrying!"

Me: (upon walking in his bedroom and seeing him only half dressed after about 30 minutes of me telling him to get ready)
"Are you kidding me, that you aren't even dressed yet? Hurry up!!" (in a not so friendly voice)

As I was walking out of his room and going down the hall I hear a yell coming from Gunnar's bedroom...

Gunnar: (in a mean/mad/frustrated voice) "MOM!! you can't rush perfection!!"


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh that is hilarious! that totally just made me laugh.

scott and ashley said...

That is hilarious- and the most funny part- I can so hear you saying " are you kidding me?" So funny!

Melissa said...

Holy crap! That is soooooo funny!!!

Deon said...

Ok that is too funny!!! WE love Gunnar