Sunday, October 11, 2009

No More Pedro

Chance has been asking for about 2 months if he could shave.
Hello?? NO!! You are my baby.
In Spanish class Chance's name is Pedro. He liked it until he realized people outside of Spanish class might start calling him Pedro, but for other reasons... his mustache. We love Napoleon Dynamite but didn't, necessarily, want him to be likened to this guy...Reluctantly, and through many tears I gave in.
Before...John having him practice on his finger.
He was showing him how to hold the razor and at what angle.Wetting his upper lip and applying the shaving cream.

Halfway done...

A little extra help from Dad.

Yes, this was a family event...apparently.
My baby isn't a baby any more... No more Pedro...After...I can't explain how I felt about this whole thing. I was so sad for some reason. I think I finally realized that my itty, bitty, baby boy (who was just born a little while ago, by the way) is actually becoming a man. How can this be? If he is becoming a man what the heck does that make me, his mom?

I'll tell you...Old!! I promise you I still feel like he is my little boy and the realization that he isn't makes me sad. I am, of course, happy for him. He is loving every step of becoming a man. I, on the other hand, am finding it very difficult. I hope I have prepared him well enough for this big bad world.

Ready or he comes.


scott and ashley said...

Ok that is the FUNNIEST thing EVER!! I love that you shot every moment, seriously- you are hilarious! And just wait- in a few years he'll be dating- crazy.... you can cry on my shoulder if you want- because I'll need to cry on yours when Olivia's "turn" comes! :)

Auntie Romi said...

Uh-oh, this one killed me. It isn't just you Jai. I wept through the whole post. Man I love your boys. Wasn't I just walking the hallways of my school showing off my incredible nephew who I really pretended was mine?!?!
What an awesome kid. You must be so proud.

Hapi said...

hello... hapi blogging... have a nice day! just visiting here....

The Watson's... said...

I love that he is called Pedro! I love Napoleon Dynamie. This is a way cute post. Garret is only six and I have a hard time already with how grown up he is...I can't even imagine him shaving! I'm sure I will feel a lot like you!

Deon said...

This is too funny! But I know I will be doing the same things in like 10 years!!!