Wednesday, September 9, 2009


The next day we went to a huge mall in Portland that had an indoor ice skating rink. We were going to skate and then remembered that Coby still had a sore foot. We shopped instead. Chance needed to get a new pair of shoes and decided that he wanted Vans. The store was packed and it was hard to get a salesperson to find your shoe size. We sat in the store forever and Gunnar and I started getting bored. He tried on this size 67 shoe...

and took about 50 pictures of me. He wanted me to post all of them but this was the only one that I allowed.

After the shoe store Coby wanted to go look at the skate shop. Usually, I am all about shopping but this shopping excursion was misery. Gunnar, Chance, and I sat on a couch in the store for well over an hour while Coby picked out a board.

To our surprise John decided it was time to get back into skating. He got a board, as well.
Mid-life crises? You be the judge. At least it isn't a red sports car.
I have a feeling, however, that we are going to be making a few trips to the ER. It has been about 16 years since he has stepped on a skateboard. He used to be really good though, so I am sure he will pick it up fast.
Don't they look cool? Be careful boys!

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