Friday, September 4, 2009

Let the Radiation Begin...

Beau started radiation yesterday. He said it went great. He isn't feeling nauseous or even tired. The doctors said he may start having those symptoms in a few weeks, but maybe not. We are hoping not. Beau will be going for radiation Monday through Friday until October 15th. After he is done with radiation they are going to take some tests and see if the radiation is doing its job or if they need to proceed with chemo.
Today, he was in and out of the doctors office in 20 minutes. Nice! Beau told me today that, over time, the radiation may cause him to have a few bald spots where the lasers touch his skin. Oh well, we can just be twins.
Beau is feeling and looking great. This brain tumor didn't know who it was messing with when it decided to mess with my brother. Look out!