Sunday, June 27, 2010

HoopFest Day 2

Fusion had a rematch with the team that beat them the day before. We killed 'em!! Chance finally found something fun to do...keep score.John's team had their final game and lost. But, again, they played college guys. Not fair. They were supposed to be in a bracket with old guys. Oh well. At least hey had fun (I think).
Nice shot Chance!Romi and John watching the boys battle their way through the losers bracket.These boys fought and fought their way up. Believe it or not they made it all the way to the championships. Unfortunately, after playing about 7 games in one day they lost in the finals. They played amazingly well for playing so many games. The only games they lost were the very first one and the last one against the champions. They were so sad that they lost after playing so well. But come on...they were finalists.
Good job team Fusion!!Sophie and Audry came in 5th. Way to go girls.A picture to prove I was there. All of our players who participated in HoopFest this year.
Yay Team Fusion!!Coby was so happy Grandma and Grandpa came.

We can't wait until next year!

Next stop...Silverwood!

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