Friday, June 4, 2010

"Biker Bar" Gig

Chance's band the opportunity to play at a local bar. It was very interesting. The crowd was wild and the boys had a blast.Go Chance...
Society's Voice is getting better by the minute. They were amazing.

Performing From Ember to Inferno.

(By far one of their tamest songs and, for your listening pleasure, I didn't include the "screaming" bit.)

Headbanging along with the crowd.

P.S. After the gig I had some serious concern. They were awesome, don't get me wrong but...I informed Chance that if the band continued to perform these kind of songs...this was the crowd they were going to attract. After their performance I felt very strongly that the band needed to move in another direction. I called Zach's mom, Patti, and told her my concerns with the type of music the boys are playing. She agreed that the boys need to tone it down a bit.

After talking with the boys they have decided to start playing more main stream music. I am so happy. I think they will be a lot more successful.

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