Friday, June 11, 2010

5th Grade Party

From the start of 5th grade the kids look forward to nothing more than the end of the year party. It is always a surprise what the theme is going to be (but the kids always know)...

Coby was put on an all boy team. The brown team. They called themselves
The Chocolate Crusaders.
Elijah, Joe, Collin, Coby
Josh, Michael, and JackFirst they had to do the Camp Relay.They won!!They proceeded to win and win and win!The food challenge was hilarious. They had to eat (mostly) disgusting things.Coby had to eat "Pig Skin"
He won! In the end the two teams were tied 5 to 5. They had to have a tie breaker. They chose Coby to go against his friend Arell. This is what they had to eat...


There could only be one "Survivor Team Winner" and this year, 2010,

The Chocolate Crusaders

beat the entire school and didn't lose at a single challenge.


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