Monday, June 14, 2010

Farewell Concert

Society's Voice was asked to give a mini concert at the end of the year party.
All of the 8th graders were watching a video of the 2009-2010 highlights. They had a small video clip of Society's Voice then the principal gets on the microphone and says,"who wants to watch this when we can watch these guys in person, right here in our very own school".Then the boys start playing and the kids all go crazy...screaming and cheering and...

running over to the opposite end of the room where the boys were performing. (Some of the teachers even had to tell the kids to move back a funny.) They felt like total rock stars. It was fun.

Zach and Sean go to Chance's school and are also 8th graders but Chris goes to a different school. His mom let him ditch for a few hours so he could play with them. Thanks Chris!

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