Friday, June 25, 2010

The Road to Spokane

John and Coby were both going to be playing in Hoop Fest for the first time this year. We planned on going to Hoop Fest then Silverwood Amusement Park in Idaho then make our way to Arizona to visit John's family. Our got there around dinner time and had to eat at Sonic.
The Afeworks met us there. Coby and Chi were going to be on the same team. Chance would have loved to play but couldn't get an entire team to travel all the way there...hopefully next year.Waiting for my Orange Creamslush.Coby with a mini drink and me with a not-so-mini hot dog.
Grandma and grandpa came to cheer on our boys. They brought Lucas along with them...yay!

I finally got my Orange Creamslush so...

Let the games begin!!

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