Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Secret Santa

Susan, Beth, Deon, Jaime, Betsy, Donna, Kendra, and Therese.Beth had a great idea this holiday season. She planned a Secret Santa get together. So fun!
Beth got p.j.'s and Donna got a Starbucks gift basket.

Betsy~Donna~Kendra~Therese Therese got a cookie baking basket and Kendra got a necklace.

Susan got a mug and something else (I can't remember) and Betsy got footie's and a Starbucks card.

Kendra in her new necklace.
I was a little excited about what I saw as I was unwrapping my gift. I am glad the steam was covering me a little bit. The picture was to funny not to add...though I didn't want to Kendra said I had to.

I got a Snuggie and a gift certificate to the movie theater. Thank you Donna!!
Deon got an adorable Christmas bracelet.
Thank you for setting this up Beth. We will have to do this every year.
I have such great friends!

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MommaDonna said...

That was so awesome!