Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas @ Grandma's House

On Christmas we open presents from youngest to oldest. Piper is first.
Gunnar doesn't have to wait that long.

We got Jory a "Fur Real" parrot. She liked it.

Malachi loved his new vest from grandma.
Uncle Austin came late on Christmas Eve. We were so happy he made it.
My nieces are getting so old. I can't take it. They look like teenagers.

Riley ~ SophieWe draw names between the Clark siblings and spouses.
John got Sabrina and I got Beau.
I got him some Seahawk stuff and a picture I took of him and Melissa a few months ago. He had never seen the picture so he was very surprised. Austin and Dad are one of the last to open their presents. It is a long morning but so much fun.
Merry Christmas!!

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