Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning (at our house)

Chance's (wah wah) guitar pedal...Coby's "surprise"...Gunnar's Playmobil pyramid... Stockings...Coby loved his surprise from Santa. He got the Tony Hawk skateboard game for the Wii.

Chance was surprised by how "fancy" his guitar pedal was.

Gunnar was thrilled with his pyramid and started playing with it immediately.

John and I were surprised when we opened a present from Gunnar. Inside we found a book. Gunnar said he found the "best book on his shelf" and wrapped it for us. It was entitled,
Guess How Much I Love You.
Thank you Gunn. It is perfect!
Coby made a beautiful magnet for our fridge.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa!!
Gunnar was so appreciative of everything he got this year that it made for a wonderful Christmas morning. He was so happy with everything he got, as were Chance and Coby.
Gunnar asked for "skinny jeans" this year.
Do you know how hard it is to find skinny jeans in his size?
After searching and searching...I finally found them. And I am glad because Gunnar was so happy.

I don't know how my mother-in-law knew but she got me the one thing I asked for this year...slippers!! They are so warm and cozy and soft. I love them.
Thank you!!
This year, Gunnar made an ornament for everyone in our family. I got a cute little mouse. Chance got a wreath. John got a beaded candy cane. And Coby got a sleigh. They were all so beautiful and thoughtful.
The boys were looking so good in all of their new clothes. Coby asked for "skater" shirts and skinny jeans. Chance asked for "band" shirts and skinny jeans and Gunnar asked for "cool shirts" and skinny jeans. Looks like they got what they asked for.As we were cleaning up and getting ready to head over to grandma's house it was so neat to walk around the house and see our boys enjoying their new gifts.

What a great morning.

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