Monday, December 21, 2009

Clark Kids (Poker) Night #8

This was our first "official" Clark Kids night with ALL of our brothers and sisters. We were so excited to finally have Rocky with us.We had to teach her the basics of poker but she caught on quick and
(don't even ask)
won her first hand. As you can see...she was thrilled to win so many chips.
Rocky is hilarious and so much fun. She definitely made our night. We wish she was with us every time we got together. It makes me so sad that she lives so far away. Move back Rocky!!
First to leave the table was, Beau, in 5th place...We found him like this in the living room.
He was in my Snuggie and watching UFC.
I don't think he minded.
Next out was 4th place.

She wasn't to happy about it.

Then it was 3rd place.It came down to me and Romi. By then we were getting tired.

In the end, Romi came in 2nd.And I came in first. (Thank yo u very much)We always have such a great time. However, this time was awesome. It meant so much to us to have Rocky there. She is the oldest and without her it just isn't the same.

She truly does "complete us".

I love you guys.

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