Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009


Preparing the feast...

Chance loves playing with David.

My daddy
Auntie Arlyce with her brother.

This is what most of the men do on Christmas Eve...sit and watch sports.

Lucas fell asleep early in the evening and didn't wake up the entire night.

Cousin Cherice with her dad, Gary.
Aunt Arlyce was happy that her daughter, Kristin, came for Christmas Eve again this year.

Gunnar got to be Joseph in our nativity. He was super excited.
Coby was a shepherd, and Chance was a wise man. For some reason,we had four wise men this year . Perfect!!

SistersOnce again, we had our annual "Shelley ornament exchange". My aunt Shelley died from leukemia in 2004 but on her last Christmas with us she handed each woman an ornament and asked that we would exchange ornaments every year (just the ladies). We planned on her being with us the following Christmas but Heavenly Father had other plans for her. She is deeply missed every day but most at Christmas time. She loved Christmas and it will never be the same without her. We are so lucky that her daughter, Cherice, was with us to celebrate our beloved Shelley. The ornaments.
Cherice and I got each others ornaments and I was so excited because Cherice told me she got this particular one because it reminded her of her mom. I love it!The "Santa Elf'" came again this year and got Chance a pair of boxers, Gunnar a transformer guy and puzzle, and...
Coby got gloves.

Thank you Santa Elf!!

John and Chance performed a special rendition of We Three Kings. It was awesome!Sophie checking to see where Santa was...

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